Class Schedule
SUNDAY10:15 AMMissy B

PLEASE NOTE:  SUNDAY morning classes at 10:15 on the beach at Ocean Ave and Strand Street. Note: Sunday March 24 there will be a substitute teacher for the class. Anyone who attends this class should already be familiar with kettlebells. Easter Sunday March 31 there will be no class.

  Dr. Bray discusses the benefits of Kettlebell Training.

 Before beginning any exercise program you should consult a physician. All training, instruction, recommendations or advice are for informational purposes only. MisfitLa and all their perspective agencies or employees, shall not be liable for any claims, demands, injuries or damages arising out of, or connected to, the use of any information contained in the video presentation.


Bio Article

Missy Beaver moved to Santa Monica, California from Rensselaer, Indiana and quickly became known for her kettlebell training.  Missy was one of the first certified Russian Kettlebell Trainers in America and her outdoor kettlebell classes have become a staple of the Santa Monica beach scene.  Missy is dedicated to making kettlebell fitness accessible to everyone.  Her clients have a range of fitness goals and kettlebell serves those looking for weight loss, strength, stamina, injury avoidance and physical restoration from injuries.

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